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60 Years In The Business

 My one man show, 60 Years In The Business was presented  at Ripley Grier Studios, 305 West 38th Street, NYC (Studio 212). Audience reaction to both performances was spectacular. Following are some unsolicited reactions by a host of audience members.


If you missed Bob Ader’s one man show you really missed something special. This wonderful actor, singer, piano player, dancer, storyteller gave us a peak into his “60 Years in the Business”
I laughed and cried ~ the sure sign of a great show.
Sorry for you if you missed it. Hopefully he will do it again and if he does, Be There.


Congratulations Bob Ader on your terrific performance, and for celebrating 60 years in the business! And kudos to Marilyn Spanier for her wonderful directing! #stayingpower, #milestone, #actorslife, #talent, #goldenbridereunion, #nytf


Great show!! Very inspiring. My sister loved it too :)


So happy I was able to make it! I laughed and cried as you took me back to my childhood remembering those Broadway shows and TV programs. Bravo on your amazing performance Bob and Bravo to Marilyn, Madelyn and your musical arranger. It was the most delightful evening!


Congratulations on your one-man show last night. Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly and we all had a great time.


A big congrats to Bob Ader and Marilyn Spanier on Bob’s one man extravaganza! Bob is a song and dance man with the best stories in the biz, ranging from childhood Broadway gigs to working with Judy Garland!


Great show


I wanted to tell you again what a great show you put on. Wonderful patter and songs arrangements -- thoroughly entertaining! Bob, you are truly multi-talented!


I loved every minute of your show
How do you dance and then sing without being out of breath?
Favorite moments—
Brother can you spare a dime?
Romania Romania ( I thought I was the only one who plays that song)
Peking duck!!
( or peeking duck)
Little bob crossing himself
Etc etc
And the kiss and dip of show biz”s cutest couple!


Dear Bob and Marilyn,


Your show was wonderful! If I hadn't had another appointment on Tuesday, I would have wanted to see it again.


Hi Bob,


Wow! What a treat to see your solo show last night. You are so super talented and a such a great and engaging performer. I couldn’t stop enjoying your performance. I loved your stories, your singing, your dancing, everything! And it was so neat to travel back in time with you for the retelling of your charmed childhood and all of the opportunities you had and the wonderful people you got to work with. A star-studded childhood. And I love that you were able to overcome the trauma of becoming a teen, growing a foot taller and your voice changing. I know that can be devastating to child actors. But you did it. And are still impressively performing, singing and dancing. Oh, and I loved your amazing impersonations. Such fun! I hope that you take this show to many, many places as I know audiences will enjoy your show. I’m just so happy David and I were able to attend last night!
Onward and upward!!! C.S.


Dear Marilyn and Bob;
We were "blown away" by your many talents, Bob! So glad to be exposed to them in the marvelous revue, so well organized and directed by Marilyn. It was a great pleasure for us to attend last night. Sorry, our friends were not able to make it. They certainly missed a great show. Love, S & S


You were phenomenal T. L. C.


Bob and Marilyn;
I so enjoyed your one man, two night, 4 act show. lol
Bob, you are a tour de force my friend.
So many talents and still your best starring role is your marriage to Marilyn.
The two of you were adorable especially when you bent her over and took that long kiss.
I now see why there was an age restricted audience sign, requiring audience members to be at least 16 years old unless accompanied by their parents or guardian.
Bravo Bravissimo Robert. You impressed me and that's not easy to do.
The only way the show would have been more impressive is if it concluded with an announcement that you'll be returning to the Broadway Stage.


Bob, on a personal note? You really do have that x factor . You possess that quality of a person that has a strong but unpredictable influence. I really had no idea of how multi talented you are. In friendship, B.G.


B. G.
Bob Ader Fan Club President


It was a really wonderful show. We went on the voyage with you. Deep, funny, intelligent and moving. A personal celebration of broadway. We loved it. I highly recommend it! Laugh! and cry! It’s true theatre ! Thanks Bob!


 The show is so much fun and a labor of love. I’m surprised I was able to sing along with so many of the songs! They were of my era too! Thank you again for the invite! CB

Looking forward to perform it again , not in New York, but all over the country. Will be posting some video highlights from the show soon. Anyone intersted in discussing booking the hsow at their venue(s), please contact me at or at 917-856-8306.












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